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Choir Sunday

September 01, 2019
Our choir members will lead the service. The church considerably value the richness the choir brings to the church's worship experience and pray that may the choir sing spiritually and let then have a sense what they sing, and see that their heart is not carried away with the sound, but offered to God continually. 'Sing in Christ and Sing for Christ’, is the theme this year.

Union Sunday School Retreat and Kalamela

September 02, 2019
Mumbai-Pune Union Sunday School Retreat and Kalamela is scheduled to be held at CNI St. Mary the Virgin Malayalam Church, Parel is hosting the event. Mar Thoma Syrian Church,Thane would be the venue. Requesting our Sunday School teachers and students attention in this regard.

Pulpit Change Sunday

September 29, 2019
Mumbai-Pune Union set apart as Pulpit Change Sunday. Presbyters of all our Malayalam churches are interchangeably assigned churches, for Holy Communion service on this day. Rev. Sam N. Joshua, Presbyter-in-charge of Kalyan Church will be leading our services at Sanpada and Panvel.

Union Women's Fellowship Conference

October 02, 2019
Mumbai- Pune Union Women's Fellowship Retreat and Kalamela will be held at CNI St.Paul's Church, Vakkola. The theme this year is, 'The Role of a Radiant Woman in Society, Church and Family in the Postmodern Era'. I request the women's fellowship leaders to plan in advance for the event.

Youth Sunday

October 06, 2019
Youth members will lead the service. The church needs Youth to be reminded that the faith in God, and practices of the church are passed on to the next generation through them. Therefore the church wishes that this year's Youth Sunday is a day for the spiritual formation of the youth. 'Youth and Relevant Spirituality of Hope' is the theme this year.