Welcome to Jubilee Malayalam Church,Sanpada

I extend my greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Church is a place where people gather together to worship God. Each and every individuals, who believes in Jesus Christ is part of His body, which is the church, and are called to offer praises to God, our Father, through Jesus Christ, our Saviour. The Church moulds every individual to be a good citizen of the Kingdom of God and also to extend their service in the society they live. 

The Jubilee Malayalam Church is one such place where people from Malayalam background can worship God together. The liturgy and worship service resembles the CSI order of service.This Church is situated in the satellite city of Navi-Mumbai, near Sanpada Local Railway station. 

  • Message From Presbyter

    Dear People of God,

    Have you ever felt discouraged? Have you felt so discouraged that you were ready to quit? That kind of discouragement manifests itself in many ways. Maybe you get discouraged over the epetitiveness of your work at home, or at your workplace. “Discouragement is a common feeling that prompts many people to ask, What can I do when I am so discouraged, I feel like giving up?” Take Elijah, the prophet of God, for instance. In 1 Kings 18 Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal in a showdown on Mount Carmel concerning who was the greatest, God or Baal. 

  • Events

    • Church Meetins
      Sunday School Class at Sunday 8.30 AM.
      Women’s Fellowship Meeting at Monday 07.30 PM.