Our vision embraces all age groups. We aim for the spiritual, physical, mental and social well being of a person. Our worship services and activities aim to achieve the total well being of a person. We acknowledge and teach that the wholesome development of an individual depends upon his knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ, who lived as a human and is now resurrected and living with His Father in Heaven.

To achieve our vision:

  • We proclaim and propagate, by word and deed, the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Lord and Master of the Church for the salvation and good of all human kind through unity, witness, and service through worship and other activities of the Church which promote spiritual growth, self-reliance, social justice, physical well being and moral regeneration irrespective of caste, creed, or colour.
  • We provide the Fellowship of a Christian congregation in order to pray together to Lord Jesus Christ, to receive the messages of Lord Jesus Christ and to help one another in Christian love.
  • We arrange worship services, Bible study classes, meetings, conferences, seminars, camps, tours, prayer-cells and the like for children, youth, adults and the aged.
  • We communicate to the people the teachings of the Holy Bible through personalized services and other available modes of communication. 
  • We also train and encourage persons for carrying out the above objects and to assist those already engaged in carrying out the above objects.