Church Choir

We at Jubilee Malayalam Church are blessed with a wonderful Choir which has become an integral part of the Church Service. Our Church choir comprises of 15 Choristers, justly known for the youthfulness and harmony of its sound leading to the Glory of GOD.

We, the Choristers, are liable to lead the congregation during the worshiping services, convention, every special Service in a calendar year and during the Christmas season. In the youthful mix of Choristers, we have Organists who inspire our singing and help maintain our standards of singing.

The Christmas carol season perceives a wonderful blend of seniors and youth in the choir, exemplifying the ever reviving zeal to proclaim the glory of Christ and delivering four parts singing at its best. We strive for knowledge of music to be the Angels of GOD on earth. Our Choir earnestly tunes in to the Church responses/Chants. We assemble every Saturdays at 7.30 pm with the focused aim of learning new songs.

Vision for the Future:-

  • Continue to glorify GOD through our songs with increasing vigor.
  • Instill a sense of dedication in ourselves and the upcoming generation of choristers so as to serve GOD for years.
  • To enable ourselves to be on time for Worshiping services.