Sunday School

The Jubilee Malayalam Church upholds the view that it is through our children that God almighty wills the continuity of his vision and missions about his Kingdom on earth. It’s through children that his church grows in discipline, devotion, and dependence on him as they are blessed to become enlightened in the Love and Spirit of Jesus Christ our Savior. The Jubilee Malayalam Church Sunday School is set up in accordance with our dream, desire and commitment to God that we would guide and train our children to walk in the way of Jesus Christ our Lord. It is by knowing the God Almighty and his Love for us, which he fulfilled through Jesus Christ his son for the salvation of mankind and for their life eternal in heaven that children can grow in faith. By serving this very purpose, the Sunday school remains as an integral part of the Jubilee Malayalam Church .

  • Established: Year 2001
  • Methodology: Teaching, Training & Personality Development.
  • Academic Syllabus: CEEFI (Christian Education Department of  the Evangelical Fellowship of India)
  • Objectives of Training: Respect and Love for Parents, Old Aged, Teachers and all Fellow beings, and Respect for the “Law of the Land” Model Profile of Personality: Honest, helpful, hospitable, fearless in love, spiritual in love, communicating, law abiding, with knowledge, with wisdom, presentable, neat and tidy, productively active. 
  • Other Activities: All activities related to Christian Cultural Life.
  • Picnic/Excursion
  • Timing: 8.45 AM to 10.00 AM, only on Sundays. 
  • Medium: English 
  • Admission: Open to all (Academic Year:  June to March).
  • Governing Body: The church committee of Jubilee Malayalam Church .