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June 11, 2017
Second Dhwani quartet competition will be conducted at Bunts School Auditorium at 4pm.
Dhwani 2017 Live Performance: Mr. Rex Fernandez
Rex's music career escalated with his first ever audition for a reality show, ‘The Stage 2’. He performed the song "Amazing Grace" and enthralled the judges and the audience, instantly becoming a popular contestant on the show. He was one of the finalists in the show and is recognized as one among the best international singing sensation that India has to offer to world music. He has appeared on channels like VH1 and Colour’s and has mesmerized his audience with his captivating music and stage presence. Recently, he was featured on the radio and also in a prestigious music magazine. Rex, an instant composer, has composed several memorable songs till date.

Sunday School Reopen

June 11, 2017
Sunday school will reopen on 2nd week of June, 2017. We are planning to conduct Sunday school retreat along with other congregations of Jubilee Church . Please do pray for the further arrangements.

Management Committee

June 11, 2017
Management committee meeting will be held at 9am at Jubilee Church, Sanpada.

Women’s Fellowship Meeting

June 10, 2017
Women’s Fellowship Meeting at Jubilee Church at 4.30pm

Youth Meeting

June 04, 2017
Youth meeting will be held on all Sundays soon after the service at 9 am. Variety programs and Bible study will be there. Parents are requested to encourage the youths to attend these meetings.

Annual Reports and Accounts

May 31, 2017
All church organizations shall be ready with their annual reports and accounts passed in their respective general body meetings. Elections for the current year shall also be conducted.

Presbyter in charge

May 10, 2017
Presbyter in charge will be in Kerala from 10th to 24th May, 2017. Sunday, May 21st will be looked after by Rev.Johncy Varghese, St. Christopher CNI Malayalam Church, Kalyan. For further pastoral assistance, you can avail Rev. Elvin Enose, Jubilee English church, Sanpada.

Management Committee

May 07, 2017
Management committee meeting will be held at 9 am at Jubilee Church, Sanpada.

Youth Meeting

May 07, 2017
Youth meeting will be held on all Sundays soon after the service at 9 am.


April 15, 2017
Retreat (Rhythm of Life with Christ) 9 am to 2 pm.