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Choir Sunday

September 01, 2019
Our choir members will lead the service. The church considerably value the richness the choir brings to the church's worship experience and pray that may the choir sing spiritually and let then have a sense what they sing, and see that their heart is not carried away with the sound, but offered to God continually. 'Sing in Christ and Sing for Christ’, is the theme this year.

Union Youth Retreat

August 15, 2019
This year Union Youth Retreat and Kalamela is scheduled to be held on the theme "Generation Me Vs Gener-ation We". CNI St. James Church Borivili is hosting the event. St. John's Marthoma Syrian Church, Mira Road would be the venue. Requesting our youth’s attention in this regard.

Laity Sunday

August 04, 2019
This year Laity Sunday will be observed . Our Atmaya Fellowship will lead the service. Mrs. Sosamma Kuruvila of Chembur church will be the deputation speaker.

Youth Movement

July 14, 2019
On every Second and Fourth Sunday (09.00-10.00 am)

Women's Fellowship

July 13, 2019
On every second Saturday( 04.30-06.00 pm)

Union Welcome Meeting

July 13, 2019
Mumbai-Pune union welcome meeting for the newly joined achen will be held on 04.30pm at Kalyan CNI St. Chriostopher’s church.

Sunday School Retreat

July 13, 2019
Sunday School Students-Teachers Retreat will take place on the theme “God’s Love” from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm. at Sanpada .The Sanpada and Panvel Sunday School students and teachers are requested to attend the retreat.

Sunday School

July 07, 2019
On every Sunday (09.00-10.00 am)

Choristor's Association

July 06, 2019
Choir Practice on every Saturday ( 06.00-08.00 pm)

Atmaya Fellowship

July 02, 2019
On every Tuesday(07.30-09.00 am)